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Introduction of Six Harmonies Praying Mantis Boxing



  News for 2018


Happy New Year friends!

We hope that we had fulfilled our tasks in the challenging year 2017 and had a wonderful holiday break for the New Year 2018!

Our club had a very nice lunch before 2017 Christmas and we value this friendship through years of training together as one of the most valuable experience in our life (see the photo below).  

It is a formal announcement that our club has completed all of its teaching stuffs and there will be no any formal teaching class in the future; therefore as the principal instructor of the club, Mr. Jian Gao is formally retired from public teaching starting from the year 2018.

It is also clear that our love for Chinese martial arts will continue, our friendship through years of practicing the arts will continue and our continued search & research for Chinese martial arts culture will continue – we meant it forever!


2017 News


The latest news at the end of the year 2017


It is an Honour for our principal instructor Mr. Jian Gao to be invited to Beijing , China for attending the commemoration of The Twentieth Anniversary of the late famous Beijing martial artist Mr. Ma Hanqing.

The commemoration was held on Saturday the 9th of December, 2017 in Beijing with more than 80 people attending the event who came from China, Canada & Australia.

It was a great experience for Jian meeting his Kungfu brothers & sisters and most of related Beijing Tang Lang Kungfu practitioners, some of them were just first time to meet in almost 30 & 40 years!

During his stying in Beijing, Jian was deeply moved by the warm family feeling & the glory of the history of the lineage. Coming back from Beijing on Saturday the 16th December 2017, Jian felt that he was recharged and rejuvenated! 

Although he has decided already that he would retire from public Kungfu / Tai Chi teaching from 2018 before he went to Beijing this time, he is still determined that he will continue to promote Chinese martial arts in Australia and continue to fulfil his commitment & obligation owned to his master Mr. Ma Hanqing.

Looking to the future, Jian will surly continue to train with his club members in 2018 & onward ---                                              

Coming to the end of the year 2017, we wish everyone Merry Christmas & a Happy 2018 New Year!



该纪念会于2017129日在北京举行,来自中国,加拿大以及澳大利亚的80多人 出席了此次活动。






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Happy New Year friends!

We have just farewelled the flying year of 2016, now we are welcoming the Chinese New Year of Red Fire Rooster in 2017! 

Together in 2016, we learned standard Wu Style Tai Chi the 4th & the 5th Duan (Dan) grading routines and Liu He Tang Lang traditional routine Lightening Fist or Zhao Mian Deng, we also practised Wu style Tai Chi pushing hand as well. No doubt all of us were thoroughly involved and deeply enjoyed those stuffs! Furthermore, three of our club members have successfully upgraded their skill levels with Brett & Kim passed Senior Assistant level and David got in Advanced Member level; Congratulations to them! (See photos)

DSC00764 - Copy - CopyDSC00765 - Copy - CopyDSC00767 - Copy - CopyDSC00761 - Copy - Copy

While Im satisfied with efforts and progress from these members, Im also appreciated to the efforts and progress made from all of our club members we make difference together every year!

Although we are still a small Chinese Kung Fu club in Melbourne, we do keep searching and researching deep layers of Chinese martial arts and its related culture. What we are doing is making new image both in Australia and in the world for sure! (See photos)

DSC00816 - CopyDSC00818 - CopyDSC00819 - CopyDSC00820 - Copy

In the 2017 New Year, we are going to refine Wu Style Tai Chi standard grading routines from the 1st Duan(Dan) right up to the 5th Duan(Dan) in term One and going to learn the 6th Daun (Dan)Wu Style Tai Chi grading routine in term Two. Term three & Term Four are two terms for learning Liu He Tang Lang traditional long form Double whips or Shuang Feng. To be honest: we are excited! If you are interested about what we are doing, please feel free to contact us: you are welcome joining us!




  News update for 2016


News in June:

The Second Term of Wu Style Tai Chi advanced pushing hand training class completed successfully on 19th of June.

This training class was designed for improving members knowledge & skills that they have learned in previous class. By attending this 10 sessions training class, members have gained new skills & consolidated what they have learned before. We were certainly excited for the training sessions!


News in September:

The class for learning the routine Lightning Fist or Zhao Mian Deng in Six Harmonies Praying Mantis Boxing or Liu He tang Lang Quan was completed successfully on 18th of September.

This class contained theory, Taolu learning, basic techniques and basic applications. Through 9 sessions of learning & raining, members have gained basic requirements of the routine and its applications.

The July & August in Melbourne were in cold winter season, but the training in our site was absolutely heat up!

DSC00628 - Copy20160417155442(4) - Copy


20160522150749(4) - Copy20160724151706(1) - Copy


20160821160511(4) - Copy - Copy20160724151706(3) - Copy



  2016 清明悼词(The 2016 Qing Ming memorial eulogy


            沁园春   -  《武魂》   

  Qin Yuan Chun -The heritage of our spirit


  武林传奇,(A legend in Chinese martial Arts ,)

  京城一脉,(A lineage in Beijing city,)

  马氏技击。(It is Ma style fighting techniques.)

  集武学大成,(Integrated from many different styles of martial arts,)

  一脉承传;(It was passed on from great masters;)

  父子二代,(With two generations father & son,)

  开拓进取。(It was innovated & forged ahead.)

  理论实战,(From the theory to real combat,)

  内外诸家,(From internal styles to external styles,)

  马氏螳螂快太极。(With Tai Chi flavour, it formed as Ma style Praying Mantis.)    

  真武魂,(The heritage of our true martial arts spirit,)

  勉我辈后人,(Encourage our decedents,)

  再接再厉。(Thriving in the world with persistent efforts.)

  饮水思源奋进,(Being endeavours  of us with gratitude,)

  勤耕耘育人先律己。(With self- discipline, we diligently carry out our legacy.)

  弘中华国粹,(To promote the essence of decent Chinese,)

  文通武备;(with both Chinese culture & martial arts;)

  身心双修,(We cultivate ourselves both physically & mentally,)

  刚柔相济。(To be a tougher yet more balanced individuals.) 

  同门同道,(Kung Fu brothers and sisters,)

  既往开来,(Lets link up the previous and the future,)

  同心同德倍努力。(And united together with work harder.)

  看明日,(Looking forward,)

  待万马奔腾,(When Ma style martial arts having prevailed,)

  皆大欢喜!(A much happier state we would be!)


  高建 ( Gao Jian)

  20163月 作于墨尔本 (wrote with Chinese in March, 2016 and translated into English in April, 2016 in Melbourne)



Happy New Year friends!

We farewelled a great year of 2015, now we are facing a challenging year of 2016 with smile!

We achieved our training goals being set at the beginning of the year 2015 with great results. Here they are: we got four members successively finished Wu Style Tai Chi standard grading (1st ~3rd Duan wei) Tao Lu and eight members completed Praying Mantis Hidden flower routine; two club members also got their informal grading assessment done in 2015. Of course, we also enjoyed Taoist Qi Gong workshop and its consolidating training term; all of us improved our body conditions in the year too!

Looking forward, together well have another great year for our training. We are now focusing on We Style Tai Chi standard grading (4th & 5th Duan Wei) Tao Lu and Praying Mantis Lighting Fist routine; plus we are going to reinforce our Tai Chi pushing hands and basic Praying Mantis fighting techniques in the year!

Yes, with a New Year coming, we all get one year older; but our members also feel fitter and happier. So friends, if you are determined, why not come to join us?  You are welcome joining us!     

We look forward to training with you in 2016!


2015 News


Happy New Year Friends!

We had great results in the year 2014, now we are bringing great news at the beginning of the year 2015 for you too!

After a 9 days intensive Training, our Taoist Qi Gong workshop was completed successively in the evening of 9th of January.

This rare but decent Qi Gong course includes three parts:

1) Taoist self cultivation theory and its common healing methods.

2) Dai Mai meridian activation (Zhuang Gong).

3) Meditation of Microcosmic Circulation initiated by trainers chanting (Ren Mai & Du Mai meridians Zhou Tian Yun Zhuan).

All attendees have successively completed this intensive yet enjoyable course with everybody truly appreciated such wonderful cultivation methods for our three treasures:

the essence, the vitality and the spirit.

No doubt that the workshop has helped us searching the profound foundation of human being and it will be continually improving our health level both physically and mentally.

Of course, as Kung Fu practitioners, we believe that it will improve our Nei Gong or internal Kung Fu greatly!

We look forward to making a greater progress in the year and the future with you!


DSC00479 - CopyDSC00474 - Copy


2014 News update


First of all, we are pleased to inform you our newest grading news:

On 6th and 7th December 2014, three of our club members attended 1st Oceania Chinese Wushu Duan Wei grading course in Melbourne which was conducted by Kung Fu Wushu Australia(KWA) in conjunction with Chinese Wushu Association(CWA), having overcome big challenge of learning new Yang Style Tai Chi Duan Wei routine forms within 1.5 day then been tested, all successfully passed the assessment and got 2nd Duan status in Chinese Wushu Daun Wei grading system! With great effort, they adjusted themselves to the unexpected situation they faced during the course and put themselves as  Yang style Tai Chi beginners to follow the course instructions and finally succeeded in the end; a great achievement that we all should thumbs upto them. They are: Brett Vinen, Kim Chan and Evelyn Soh. Well done! Congratulations !!! 

The Principal instructor of our club, Jian Gao also attended this grading course, overcame the similar big challenge, he successfully passed the tests/assessment too and got his 7th Duan status in Chinese Wushu Daun Wei grading system.

Led by the head of Chinese Wushu Duan Wei office in CWA, the 9th Duan grand master in Chinese Wushu Duan Wei ranking system, Professor Kang Gewu, the high ranking CWA delegation was consisted of 5 experts from China. Other than Professor Kang Guwu, the other four figures were: The head of Traditional Wushu research Department in CWA and the former female all round Chinese Wushu national champion,8th Duan grand master, Madam Zhang Yuping; the 5th generation of Yang Style Tai Chi, 8th Duan grand master Zhao Youbin; the Son of Grand master Sha Guozheng, Chinas famous martial arts figure in Xing Yi and Ba Gua, 8th Duan grand master Sha Zunjie and the new generation of Chen Style Tai Chi, master Kang Tao(not too sure his grading, may be 7th  Duan).

Newly graded at the 8th Duan grand master level in this Chinese Wushu Daun Wei grading course, the secretary general of KWA, Principal instructor of Tai Chi Kung Fu Institute, Master Shao Zhaoming acted as the course organiser and interpreter for the delegation of CWA, overcoming huge work load and difficulties, we saw this event a great success!

 Below are some of the photos taken from the Wushu Duan Wei grading course and our clubs annual meeting:



DSC00421 - Copy.JPGDSC00423.JPG


DSC00426 - Copy.JPG DSC00437 - Copy.JPG

21009902ea31fe650c23534b3139d24d - Copy.jpg DSC00462 - Copy.JPG


2013-2014 Newsletter:


Happy New Year everyone! With great pleasure, Im now bringing you great news as well!

We saw 2013 as an important year for our club: in term One; we had our double handed mantis sward routine refined. The Term Two and Three conducted a new course Liu He Duan ChuiThe short thumps

of Six Harmonies Praying Mantis Boxing. Term four as our club grading sessions.

So far we have had tree members successfully passed their requested grading levels. Congratulations

to Brett, Kim and Evelyn for the great efforts they have put in past years and wish them all the best in the challenging 2014 New Year!

As promised, the new Liu He Duan Chui DVD is now ready to sell for Six Harmonies Praying Mantis practitioners and enthusiasts!

With obligations and hard works, the completion of the new product has fulfilled our dreams. Being beautifully made, this DVD is about 40 minutes in length; it contains six sections and suits viewers from both Chinese and English spoken background.

The 6 sections are:

Duan chui - Copy - Copy.JPG

1)    The Routine (Taolu) show.

2)    A brief introduction (Chinese language with English subtitles).

3)    Part one and its applications.

4)    Part two and its applications.

5)    A full routine demonstration.

6)    A demonstration with a slightly slower speed from opposite direction.


Although it is mainly for Chinese martial arts practitioners especially for those who know this unique praying mantis style, it still can be yours as a reference for sure. As a useful tool and a valuable record, the scheduled selling price for public is $49.50 plus postage and handling ($10.50 for national wide & $25.50 for worldwide). If you are interested in purchasing this DVD, please contact me by e-mail at:

For your reference, please have a look at the clip of the DVD in You Tube:


Thank you all for your continued support in 2013! Now please enjoy this wonderful world in the challenging but also wonderful 2014!


All the best!


Jian Gao





2012 Newsletter:


Our members competed well in 2012 Victorian State Championships & 2012 Australian Tai Chi Championships!

Three of our members attended this year’s competition on the 5th of August; they won two gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal. Congratulations to the three members, well done!


DSC00202 - Copy.JPG

Northern Wu Style Tai Chi sabre (13 ) class completed successfully

The sabre class was conducted from 22nd January till 25th March in our term one training season,

all trainees in the class benefited with their great efforts. Congratulations to you all!

We will be practising Tai Chi pushing hand, San Da and learning Northern Wu style Tai Chi 83 long

form / Six Harmonies Praying Mantis boxing again during term two and term three. We look forward

to improving our real skills during these two terms!




2011 Newsletter:

Happy New Year! Our club has fulfilled our 2010 training goals; most members have expressed their

great feelings with their fulfilments in the year. Congratulations to you!

To share our fulfilments with others, here I would like to show two links of our training lips in you tube:


(if you cannot get them directly, try to click on the note in that page, it says:

Open this content in a new window;then, you will be able to see these two clips.)

We also had a successful Taoist Qi Gong course run through Christmas/ New Year holiday period.

The course was divided into three parts:

(1), Theory: Taoist self cultivation and its common healing methods for illness.(1 day)

(2), Dai Mai meridian initiation (meridian activation) -启动带脉马步桩 (zhuang Gong-3 days).

(3), Ren Mai & Du Mai meridians Zhou Tian Yun Zhuan-周天运转 (Meditation of Microcosmic

Circulation initiated by trainer's chanting- 6 days).

The part Three combined with part Two (Zhuang Gong) so that the Qi energy can be boosted

and be floating along the three meridians.

It is one of the genuine Taoist Cultivation methods for human's three treasures: The essence,

The vitality and The spirit - 精,气,神.

All people involved in the course had a meaningful post-Christmas period and a great New Year Eve.

Through these ten days training together, people felt that they were up-graded to a new level.

Surely they all benefited from what they have done!

I wish you all every success in your future!


Best regards


From: Jian Gao

Here are two photos taken from the course: 








                                                  The “Qing Ming” memorial eulogy





The Qing Ming Memorial Day is an important day for the Chinese. Every year, when this special day is approaching,

people start to burn incense, collect flowers and clean the graves of their deceased friends and relatives so as to

express their deep thoughts of love. Of course, as martial artists, we should also do similar things to express our

deep grief to  those our martial arts predecessors, as well as our Kung fu brothers and sisters who have passed away.



Last year, I had an opportunity during Qing Ming to go to Beijing paying my respects in front of the graves of my master

Mr. Ma Han Qing and his son Mr. Ma Lei who was also my Kung fu brother. Yet, due to work requirements, I am unable to

go to China this time. Having thought it over, I decided to write this text to express my feeling during such blossom season

in Beijing.





Born in 1920 in Beijing, my master Ma Han Qing was a famous martial artist. He was the first chairman of the Beijing

Mantis Research Society of the Beijing Wushu Association and the 'Ma lineage' Mantis founder. At age nine, he started

to learn Wu style Tai chi from grand master Yang Yu Ting in Beijing. Three years later, been acknowledged by Mr. Yang Yu

Ting, Ma Hang Qing began training under Mr. Ma Yu Long, a grand master of Muslim martial arts. He was adept in Muslim

martial styles such as Shi Lu Tan Tui ( Spring legs), Cha Quan (a kind of  long fist) and various weapons such as the sabre,

spear, sword, halberd, axe, hooks, forks, and some rare and hidden weapons, like daggers and darts, commonly known as

the eighteen weapons”. After completing his training, and after Master Ma Yun Long had passed away, Ma Hang Qing

returned to help Master Yang Yu Ting as a teaching assistant.






After the founding of The People’s Republic of China, Ma Han Qing competed in the 1958 Beijing Wushu competition,

winning the championship in Tai Chi Chuan. In 1959 he became a Tai Chi runner up in China’s national Wushu competition.

He also became one of the first few members of the National Wushu Training Team in China around that time. Through

Master Yu-ting Yang’s Tai Chi, Ma Hang Qing and a Mr. Chen Yun Tao, who was a deputy minister of the National Construction

Department and a master of both Plum Blossom and Six Harmonies Praying Mantis boxing, got to know each other. Thus,

Ma Han Qing became the only disciple of Chen Yun Tao. Some years later, being introduced by  Mr. Chen, Mr. Ma Han Qing

and his younger Tai Chi Kung Fu brother Mr. Li Bing Ci also became the indoor disciples of a famous master in Six Harmonies

Praying Mantis Boxing -  Mr. Shan Xing Ling. Luckily,  having such history in our martial arts, the original source of Shandong

Praying Mantis was introduced into Beijing, then spread further to the Northeast of China and all over the world.  Ma Han

Qing has made a remarkable and unparalleled contribution to the teaching and spread of martial arts all over the world.






During the Cultural Revolution, Mr. Ma was unfairly treated as a result of political and historical reasons, living in quite

difficult circumstances. Yet he still kept teaching quietly, promoting Chinese martial arts while diligently studying and

researching various different styles and techniques. For example, he combined Wu Style Tai Chi’s sticky power of ‘Zhan,

Nian, Lian, Sui’ with Six Harmonies Praying Mantis' hidden power of 'Gou, Gua, Ju, Chuo', hence, the ‘Ma style Liu He

Tang Lang’ power was created. He explained this as: “The sticky Tai Chi power is good, but with the anti-sticky power

it's even better."

 Besides his profound knowledge of the Chinese martial arts, Ma also deeply researched western boxing, judo and

other Oriental martial arts styles. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s he mentioned Bruce Lee, Holmes, Tyson and other

famous fighters on several occasions to encourage his disciples to break their stereotypes,  to be brave in exploring

martial arts and adept in practical skills.



学的殷切期望和赤诚之心 ---

In the late nineteen eighties, during China's reform and Opening-up” policy, a large number of passionate young people

began to go abroad. Several of Mr. Ma’s disciples were among them. He personally organized a farewell party for his

disciples who were leaving the homeland. His earnest guidance and advice at the party lunch reflected the sincere

expectations and warm heart of the martial arts elder.

长期的劳累,清贫的生活,世俗的误解,使一代武学大师于1997年过早辞世,享年   7 7岁。

Having suffered from long-term health problems, due to being run down, a poor quality of life and societal

misunderstanding, Mr. Ma Han Qing, a true grand martial arts master unexpectedly passed away in 1997 at the

age of 77 years.

Despite of his hardships, Master Ma Han Qing’s indomitable spirit has set a shining example for us in promoting

the Chinese cultural heritage and educating people!


We are gratified that Master Ma’s arts and spirit are being passed on well. It is now in the hands of future generations

to flourish. 'Ma Pai Tang Lang' have been seeded, sprouted, bloomed and borne fruit at home and abroad!


That is: the spirit of Chinese martial arts passes from generation to generation, and Ma Han Qing’s legacy is with loyal

descendants from one to the other.






Born in 1959, Mr. Ma Lei was Mr. Ma Hanqing's youngest son. With his father, Ma Lei learned Cha Quan, Tai Chi,

Spring Legs, Shaolin Quan, a variety of weapons, Qin Na and San da. He was especially versed in the applications

of Plum Blossom Mantis Boxing. As a member of the Chinese Wushu Association, he devoted himself to many

organisations. He was acting Director of the Sports Contest Department in the Chinese Avant-Garde Sports

Association, Vice Chairman of the Beijing Wushu Association, Chairman of the Beijing Wu Xie Mantis Research

Association, Secretary General of the Chinese Avant-garde Fighting Sports Association. He was also Vice Chairman

of the Beijing Boxing association, Vice Chairman of the International Chan Wu Union and the World Fighting Alliance,

Deputy General Manager of Beijing Avant-garde Fighting Club, a level one police inspector, an Associate Professor,

an International Referee and a 7th Dan master in Chinese martial arts.





When he was teaching in the Chinese Public Security University in Beijing, Ma Lei had served as director of the

Grappling Research Department, and was responsible for education issues in Police task force. The University

team he led has won San Da Competitions in several Beijing Wushu championships. He had also made many

important contributions in fighting research for the teaching, training and cultivating of good combat skills in

the university. As a group of high level combat skilled polices were trained by him, and these people later

became the real backbone of the public security force, his grappling research made him of high academic attainment.





As the second chairman of Beijing Wu Xie Mantis Research Association, Ma Lei had devoted a great deal of his life

to 'Ma Pai Tang Lang'. To his Kung fu brothers, he gave the same great concern, care and help. Under the initiative

of Ma Lei, a group of video VCD presentations (performed by his Kung Fu brothers) were published in China-it not

only made a contribution for the promotion of Chinese martial arts, but also fully showed the true relationship of

the brotherhood among Kung fu brothers, invigorating the association once again---



Excessive work with a hectic life style made such a person of exceptional ability fall ill. Mr. Ma Lei passed away

in 2009, at the age of 50 years. His death was a great loss to Beijing Wushu and to the Chinese San Da world.



At this point, being inspired, I would like to express my feeling with a Chinese poem, for the liberties of two

generations of martial arts heroes:



Qing Ming again with blossoms, I’m lighting two holy incenses;
Should our great legacy alive forever? The heart of Han Qing would with us whenever!



 We are here today to mourn those passed and to cherish the memory of their past and their unfulfilled

wishes to become the spiritual wealth of our future generations, so that this precious heritage can be

carried on and carried out from generation to generation, forever.


(Note: this year’s ‘Qing Ming’ day is on 5th April, 2011)

By Gao Jian

Published in Chinese on 2nd April, 2011

Translated in English on 10th April, 2011


(C) Harmonious Art Research, Australia