A brief introduction about
Harmonious Art Research, Australia

Welcome to search and research with us!

Harmonious Art Research,Australia (HARA)was founded in the 2004~2005 financial year aimed in helping people by supplying recreational services such as consulting,researching & promoting Chinese traditional philosophy and martial arts especially Wu Style Tai Chi and Six Harmonies Praying Mantis.

As a newly established institute, HARA currently is quite small, having only one Australian accredited Kung Fu coach who also has a full time job elsewhere.Therefore, HARA can mainly supply classes during weekends or holiday periods.Nevertheless, safety and quality are always the priorities of the services that HARA supplies.

Mr.Jian Gao, our principal instructor has over 45 years experience of practising Chinese martial arts and 21 years experience of teaching / instructing Chinese martial arts up to the year 2014. As a national accredited Kung Fu coach in Australia,He is currently ranked 7th Duan(Dan) in Chinese martial arts ranking system.

Cultivating advanced, skilled Chinese martial arts practitioners so that the true nature of martial arts can be passed on to the next generation is HARA's major aim. HARA encourages its students to improve their ability and skill level by guiding and cultivating their awareness instead of merely putting them in grading test only.

At present, HARA supplies normal group classes as well as private tuition during weekends and holidays. HARA also has a Kung Fu Club for determined trained students for their further cultivation. Based on mutual satisfaction, the club supplies long term fellowship.

Although HARA is a quite small institution, it has some unique characteristics that made it different from others:
First - Unconventional.

In HARA, you can feel the true equal opportunity with fellowship: you are one of our brothers or sisters.
In our society, calling someone a "master" or "Shi Fu" is not necessary until awareness involves both sides naturally one day ---
Second - Self-renewal.
In HARA, we encourage people to compete with themselves first, before competing with anyone else, as we know that "he who conquers himself is powerful".
Third - No superficiality.
In HARA, flashy stuff is out of favour. Practicality is recommended, natural beauty is advocated, serenity is appreciated and relativity is acknowledged.

Our promise is to Supply a deeper knowledge and a better service in traditional Chinese philosophy and its martial arts to those sincere individual searchers while improving our quality and ability towards a more substantial recreational institution.

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